Kojun Saitô - Late Autumn

Anonymous said: Have you seen Under the Skin?

Nope! How did you find it?

Anonymous said: is silent souls a good movie? have you seen any good lately

I enjoyed it very much, I saw my first film by him - The Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari - last year at LIFF, which encouraged me to check out his other works, although only Silent Souls is available on DVD. I watched Reygadas’ Silent Light last night and I loved it immensely! All the silents! Also Le Trou.

Toshirô Mayuzumi - Good Morning


We form a cross. We are transformed.


We form a cross. We are transformed.

Anonymous said: Why would you bother tagging a post with the film's name and the director's name just to say you didn't watch it and you *don't think* would like it based on some Google synopsis? Snowpiercer is an amazing critique of capitalism disguised as an action film, while cleverly subverting the tropes of the genre. It's as good as a film by Godard, Tarkovsky, Renoir. You're free to dismiss it without even bothering with it, but at least don't make careful posts about it like a dutiful bookkeeper.

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I tag every single post I make. Sorry for the organisation.

Anonymous said: have you seen snowpiercer

No; I’ve never heard of it either and I’ve given it a Google and I don’t think it’s my kinda thing.